'Frozen 2' Trailer Reveals First Look at New Characters

Disney fans around the world got woke up to quite the surprise on Wednesday morning, as the House of Mouse surprised everyone with the first teaser trailer for Frozen 2. The follow-up to 2013's Frozen is perhaps the most anticipated film Walt Disney Animation has ever released, considering the immense popularity of its predecessor. Not only are the beloved gang of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven back in action, but this time around they'll be joined by plenty of new characters.

Wednesday's trailer gave us the first look at a couple of those newcomers in one mysterious scene, though there was no context to help figure out who they could be, or what role they could play in Anna and Elsa's adventure. One thing is for sure though: We can't wait to find out.

Two new characters were shown in the trailer, both a little more than halfway through. One is a young girl walking through the woods, and the other is a blonde boy that gets caught in a trap behind her. It's hard to get a good glimpse at either one since the scene moves so quickly, but you can check them out side-by-side in the image below.

frozen 2 characters
(Photo: Walt Disney Animation)

There will likely be more new characters than just these two, considering the trailer makes it seem like Anna and Elsa are exploring a completely new part of the world. It also help that star Kristen Bell hinted at the addition of new characters in an interview last year.

"You'll see new characters and you will see...you'll know from my perspective what I did with Jen the writer, what she did with me rather, was she was so collaborative on the first one," Bell said. "We sat down as she was writing the second one and she said 'ya know you had a hand in creating this character. What do you think her next step should be? What's her next hurdle, her next epiphany. What do you go through that's similar to her?' I told her a lot of things that I had personally been going through and why I thought that resonated with what I think Anna would be feeling and she wrote that into the script."


Who do you think these new Frozen 2 characters could be? How will they play a part in the story of Anna and Elsa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Frozen 2 is set to his theaters on November 22nd.