Here's Where to Get All of Funko's London Toy Fair Pop Figure Releases

Today, January 21st, promises to be one of the biggest days for Funko Pop releases for all of [...]


Today, January 21st, promises to be one of the biggest days for Funko Pop releases for all of 2019. With London Toy Fair set to kick off tomorrow, Funko is set to unload a ton of new Pop figures as part of the festivities.

This schedule may change, but our understanding is that Funko will be releasing new products at a regular clip between the hours of 10am and 3pm EST (7am to 12pm PST). If you want to make sure that you secure today's big releases for your collection, this is the place to do it. All of Funko's non-exclusive reveals will be available to pre-order via this link shortly after they are announced. Individual Funko releases will be available via the list below along with links where they are or will be up for pre-order today (note that new releases will be marked on the product pages as "New Pre-Orders / January 21st"). The list will update as new products are announced. You can also keep tabs on our Funko page for details on standout waves.

10:00am: Batman 80th Anniversary Pop Figures

10:20am: DC Primal Age

10:40am: The Incredibles 5-Star Figures

11:00am: Disney's The Little Mermaid

11:05am: Disney SuperCute Plush

11:20am: Disney / Pixar Toy Story Vynl

11:30am: Gears of War

11:40am: Persona 5

12:00pm: Warhammer 40K

12:20pm: Overwatch

12:30pm: Lord of The Rings Pop Rides / Witch King With Fellbeast

12:40pm: Harry Potter

1:00pm: Game of Thrones

1:15pm: Bewtiched

1:30pm: Aggretsuko

1:45pm: Dragon Ball Z

2:00pm: SpongeBob SquarePants

2:15pm: Scooby-Doo

2:30pm: Office Space

2:45pm: Morrissey

3:00pm: J.J Abrams

3:20pm: Pop Soccer

3:40pm: UFC

Note: This is not a sponsored post, but if you purchase one of the awesome products featured above, we may earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.