Halloween: John Carpenter Said New Michael Myers Mask Looked "Like Sh-t"

Filmmaker John Carpenter is a beloved figure in the horror community, not only for his accomplishments on screen, but also for his gruff and sarcastic demeanor, with makeup effects designer Christopher Nelson sharing the hilarious reaction Carpenter had when he first showed off the mask for the 2018 Halloween sequel. Having not been directly involved in the Halloween franchise since 1982's Halloween III: Season of the Witch, rather than express enthusiasm for the new mask, Nelson confirmed that Carpenter said the new mask looked "like sh-t." However, given that the new mask was meant to represent what would have happened to a mask from 1978 that hadn't been cared for, Carpenter was also likely pointing out how ugly the mask looked.

"We're upstairs and [director] David Gordon Green comes to me and goes, 'Hey, have you gone and shown John the mask yet?' and I go, 'No, should I?' and he goes, 'Yeah, show him the mask,'" Nelson recalled during The Thing With Two Heads podcast. "And I go downstairs and I'm all excited to show John the mask and John's sitting at the monitor and I walk up, and my buddy Kevin Wasner, who's my key [makeup effects artist] on the movie, he knew what was coming so he just kinda walked over to the corner of the room, and I go, 'Hey John, what do you think of the mask?' and he goes, 'Looks like sh-t.' And I just went, 'Aw,' and I look at Kevin and he's just like, 'I told you he was gonna say that!'"

While it might sound like a harsh reaction to showing off a piece of your work, Nelson chuckled throughout the entire recollection of the encounter, knowing that it was merely Carpenter's sarcastic attitude that he had grown familiar with over the years as opposed to being an encounter with any hostility.

"If John had said anything else ... I expected him to say that, that was what I wanted to hear," Nelson added. "And then he asked me what hotel I was staying in and he goes, 'Oh yeah, I'm at the really nice one.' He started making fun of the hotel they had me up in. It was awesome, it was a very good day."

At the end of 2018's Halloween, Michael Myers was left to burn alive in a house, but with the character obviously returning for the upcoming Halloween Kills, his mask will surely look even worse than it did when we last saw it.


Halloween Kills is set to land in theaters on October 15, 2021 and Halloween Ends is scheduled for October 14, 2022.

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