This ‘Harry Potter’ Nimbus 2000 and Golden Snitch are Perfect for Indoor Quidditch


Ordinarily, playing indoor Quidditch would run a high risk of severe injury and property damage, but you can make the game just a little bit safer with these Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 and Golden Snitch replicas. Not only are they soft, but they include motion-activated sound effects! That’s right - the plushes will play sound effects when swung or thrown, and on impact. You can also turn the effects on and off at the push of a button.

They’re touted as being screen accurate prop replicas, which is a pretty big stretch, but Harry Potter fans will undoubtedly have a lot of fun with these. You can order the Nimbus 2000 plush here and the Golden Snitch plush here.

We highly suggest pairing the plushies with these Quidditch jersey sleep sets. Never stop cosplaying - even when you sleep. That’s what I always say. In fact, you can have a pajama party and hold your own Quidditch World Cup in the living room.

Want to make things even more interesting? Incorporate the Monster Book of Monsters or Fluffy into your Harry Potter plushie adventure.

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