Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds Troll #FyreFestival in New Hitman's Bodyguard Promos

Move over Coachella, Fyre Festival is here to take the top spot of music festivals every millennial wants to attend. At least those were the thoughts festival-goers had several weeks ago when they purchased their $12,000 tickets to attend the event of the lifetime in the Bahamas.

However, when people started showing up to beautiful Caribbean paradise, they were greeted by temporary white tents instead of the beach villas they were promised. Instead of seeing Major Lazer and Migos, festival-goers were looking for the first flight back home immediately upon landing. The cluster of a festival is the next big thing to mock on social media and ad agencies across the globe know it.

Enter The Hitman’s Bodyguard, the latest movie by pop culture icons Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. The movie’s official Twitter account has started posting clips from the movie overlaid with various text and emojis.

“Did you say music festival in the Bahamas muthaf*cka?” the first video shows with Jackson laughing in the background. A swagged-out Reynolds can be seen in the second video pulling off his pair of shades as the text over the top of the video reads “Heading to Fyre Festival to extract trust fund millennial.”

The third video asks “You paid how much to see who muthaf*cka?” as Jackson looks on in disbelief in the background.

The festival, which was co-founded by hip-hop artist Ja Rule, was endorsed by social media influencers along the lines of Kendall Jenner — who’s still trying to get over the Great Pepsi PR Nightmare — and model Emily Ratajkowski.

Unfortunately for the Fyre Festival organizers, this probably isn’t going to be forgotten anytime soon, especially now that movie studios are starting to use the festival’s shortfalls to market their products.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is directed by Patrick Hughes (Signs) and is slated for theatrical release on August 18, 2018. The action comedy film features a star-studded ensemble cast featuring both Jackson and Reynolds alongside Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight), Elodie Yung (Daredevil), and Salma Hayek (From Dusk Till Dawn).

(Photo: Lionsgate)