Joseph Gordon-Levitt Reflects on Filming Inception on Its 10 Year Anniversary

It's hard to believe that it's been an entire decade since Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. released Inception out into the world. Nolan had already become a household name in 2010, following the release of films like Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight. However, Inception marked a new kind of blockbuster for the director, an original big budget feature that he would come to be known for. It's because of Inception's massive popularity and box office success that Nolan's upcoming film Tenet is such an anticipated event.

Inception wasn't released wide in theaters until July 16th, but the initial debut of the film took place exactly 10 years ago, according to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one of Inception's stars. On Monday morning, the actor took to Twitter to reflect on his experiences making the film, highlighting his work in the hallway fight scene.

"Today's the 10 year anniversary of Inception," Gordon-Levitt wrote in the tweet. "Had a blast making that movie with Mr. Nolan and the entire cast and crew. Shooting the hallway sequence felt like we were carrying on in the grand tradition of Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling. Such fond memories."

Nolan has a tendency to work with many of the same actors for different projects, so it's no surprise that Gordon-Levitt appeared in the director's next film, The Dark Knight Rises, just two years later. Tom Hardy would join Gordon-Levitt in the jump between the two films, and ended up starring in Nolan's Dunkirk as well.


In a world dominated by franchises and adaptations, Inception proved that original ideas could still thrive as summer blockbusters. Over the course of its theatrical run, Inception went on to make over $829 million worldwide. Warner Bros. had announced plans to re-release Inception in theaters ahead of the debut of Tenet, as a way of easing people back into theaters. However, a spike in COVID-19 cases around the country has delayed those plans.

Have you rewatched Inception since its release 10 years ago? What's your favorite scene from the movie? Let us know in the comments!

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