Iron Mask Trailer Pits Jackie Chan Against Arnold Schwarzenegger in Epic Action-Adventure

Lionsgate has released the official trailer for Iron Mask, the upcoming fantasy adventure film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan. The film, also known as Viy 2: Journey to China, is the sequel to 2014's Russian Chinese film Viy (also known as Forbidden Empire), a film loosely based on the Russian horror novella of the same name by Nikolai Gogol. Iron Mask is set for release on Digital and On Demand on November 20th as well as on Blu-Ray and DVD on November 24th.

The film will see a kung fu master (Chan) face off with the maniacal James Hook (Schwarzenegger) so that he can get a secret talisman to his daughter that will allow her to control a mythical dragon and save his homeland from certain doom. Woven into the story are the continued exploits of cartographer Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) as he continues his scientific and mystical voyage from Europe to the East. You can check out the action-packed trailer for yourself in the video player above.

Iron Mask was initially released in Russia on September 19, 2019 and in China on August 16, 2019 and the film has been a little bit of a journey. It was first announced that filming on Iron Mask had begun in 2015 and, while initial reports indicated that Chan, Jason Statham and Steven Segal would appear in the film, it was confirmed in November 2016 that Chan would co-star with Schwarzenegger.

Iron Mask was directed by Russian filmmaker Oleg Stepchenko, who also directed Viy. After long shoots in Russia, China, and the U.K., production wrapped in February 2017. The film was on hold for the two years, reportedly due to disputes between the joint producers, before its release.

You can check out the official synopsis for Iron Mask, also known as Viy 2: Journey to China, below.


For the first time ever, screen legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan face off against each other in battle in this epic fantasy-adventure! In order to save his homeland from certain doom, a kung fu master (Chan) must escape from the maniacal James Hook (Schwarzenegger) in order to send his daughter a secret talisman that will allow her to control a massive and mythical dragon. This larger-than-life, globe-trotting tale – ranging from the impenetrable Tower of London to the fabled Silk Road and China's Great Wall – also stars Rutger Hauer in one of the screen icon's final performances.

Iron Mask premieres on Digital and On Demand November 20th. The film will release on Blu-Ray and DVD on November 24th.