Nick Fury Series Is the Perfect Time for Agents of SHIELD Comeback

It looks like Samuel L. Jackson is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having served as a supporting character in a handful of Marvel Studios properties, the character is set to get a lead role in a new series Kevin Feige and his team are currently developing for Disney+. The return of the actor — and the introduction of the series, for that matter — is something that's been speculated about for quite some time and now, many fans of the MCU are hoping to see it bridge two factions of the massive fandom behind the franchise.

Naturally, Fury used to be the director of SHIELD, the espionage organization ABC's Agents of SHIELD was based on for a hefty seven seasons. He departed SHIELD quite some time ago, right around Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and has apparently put together a whole new organization in secret. SWORD, a space-based successor to SHIELD in the Marvel comics lore, is the group teased in a post-credits scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home and has sincebeen confirmed to appear in WandaVision.

Now that SWORD's a thing that will very likely serve as the basis for this Fury-led series, what's that mean for the cast on Agents of SHIELD? Well...why not introduce them as SWORD agents? For the last three seasons of SHIELD's run on cable television, the characters found themselves in space; when the show wrapped up with its finale earlier this summer, a section of the group remained in space helping to fight intergalactic crime.

We've seen SHIELD star Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson) in a few of Marvel Studios movies. Most recently, he appeared as a hefty Easter egg in Captain Marvel, but one trip to Twitter and Reddit will show you the fandom is ready for more. The masses want the likes of Daisy "Quake" Johnson (Chloe Bennet) and Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) to show up on the silver screen or in this case, a television screen with a much bigger platform.

Coincidentally enough, the SHIELD storyline ended in such a place an introduction to a SWORD series on Disney+ and as the masses suggest, it's time to make the crossover happen. Either way, Bennet herself has said she'd leap at the opportunity to play Quake again, no matter what property.

"I definitely would," Bennet said earlier this summer when asked if she'd return. "I mean, I have such a soft spot for her. I started shooting the show when I was 20, and then I finished when I was 27. To get this time right now, in isolation, to kind of contemplate the past seven years and how much it's meant to me — it hasn't really hit me yet that the show is over, so it doesn't really feel like I'm done playing her yet."

She added, "I think once the last episode airs and the show is really out of my life, I think that will be an interesting feeling. But I can never say never. I mean, Coulson's died like 800 times. I don't think I realized when I first auditioned for the role how much this entire entity, how much this character, how much this universe and how much SHIELD was going to be just a part of me for the rest of my life. I definitely would be open to playing her again. But I have not been asked to, so... But, listen, 'Coulson Lives' started on Twitter, so who knows?"


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