Jay and Silent Bob Want Deadshot, Kraven and The Question on the Big Screen


In the course of a Reddit AMA interview conducted earlier today in support of the just-released Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie (check out our interview with the director here), Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes were asked what comic book characters they'd like to see come to the big screen, given the recent spate of comic book movies and their well-documented love of the medium (Smith, of course, owns a comic book shop and is one of the performers on the AMC reality series Comic Book Men). "I'm delighted that the superhero/comic book movie has become the new, far-more-expensive-and-fun-to-look-at western," Smith said. "We can nitpick but holy s--t, think of the low-tech affairs I had to subsist on as a kid? Today's Spider-Man can fight the Rhino! Our Spider-Man fought bad vocabulary beside Lucius Fox on The Electric Company." But who did he single out? "The character that's waiting to happen cinematically (or on TV): The Question," Smith answered. "Creepy and perfect for an ongoing series." While there have been intermittent rumors that Vic Sage (The Question) might appear on Arrow, it hasn't happened yet. Maybe Smith can pitch a pilot, as Warner Bros. seems content to take the TV landscape by storm while keeping their film output more limited than Marvel. Mewes had one choice from each publisher for who he'd like to see on the screen -- but both villains. "I think they should make a KRAVEN the Hunter," the actor said, adding, "or DEADSHOT." The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb has repeatedly expressed his interest in using Kraven for a film down the line (thus seemingly making him a frontrunner for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, Webb's final installment in the series). The character's insignia also appears in the phone-activated post-credits stinger on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, suggesting he may appear in The Sinister Six. Deadshot appears as a member of the Suicide Squad in Arrow, and will appear in animated form in the forthcoming Batman: Assault on Arkham.