Jordan Peele's Nope Preview Night Box Office Numbers Are Out

Jordan Peele's Nope has some box office returns from the first day in theaters. Variety reports that the wild blockbuster snared $6.4 million on Thursday. For a project that is not a part of a larger franchise, this is a win for both the director and Universal. Estimates indicate we're headed for something in the $45 million to $60 million range for Peele's latest. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, the film sits at an 81% freshness rating and audiences will likely enjoy another outing from one of their favorite directors. Get Out and Us both reviewed extremely well. People are expecting more of the same from Nope. The movie teams Peele with Daniel Kaluuya again and brings Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun into the fold. California's desert lands and cinema history figure into the plot at various points. While the director is often shouted out for his horror chops, Nope seems to straddle some other themes.'s Nathaniel Brail says that he had a great time watching the new film. On Rotten Tomatoes, Nope is being praised for its originality. Not exactly a surprise considering the creator at the helm. But, there's a sense of Spielberg's spectacle present in Nope that was not there in films like Get Out and Us.

"Jordan Peele has had a significantly successful career since the finale of Key & Peele, with the comedian choosing to begin making films. Peele started off his filmmaking journey with a huge cultural impact, directing Get Out, one of the biggest films of the past 10 years," Brail began. "When Get Out was released, no one knew what to expect from Peele, and he did more than deliver. The film touched on themes that most directors wouldn't even dream of putting on screen, and he did it masterfully." 

"Peele would then go on to direct the horror film Us next, and some labeled it "the greatest horror film of all time." Us wasn't as fine-tuned as Get Out was, but it definitely showed that the director was a force to be reckoned with," he continued. "After the release of Us, Peele would take a break from directing the film and move his focus to producing until he was ready to announce his next project. Some fans were wondering if the director would be able to pull off another great film, and now that I've seen his third film, Nope, I can safely say that the film is one of the greatest takes on the sci-fi genre."

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