Justin Bieber’s Funny Or Die Skit Surfaces With No Mention Of Batman Vs. Superman Script

Jutin Bieber as Robin

Remember a couple weeks ago when Justin Bieber lit up the Internet by hinting that he was up for the Robin role in Batman Vs. Superman. After the initial outcry, everyone pretty much figured out that it was related to a Funny or Die skit. Except maybe it wasn't. Funny Or Die has posted a new skit, which features Justin Bieber, but it has nothing to do with Batman Vs. Superman. In the skit, Justin Bieber spars with Zach Galifianakis as part of an episode of Between Two Ferns. The skit is hilarious with Galifianakis taking off his belt and giving Bieber a good spanking. However, there is no mention made of Justin Bieber playing Robin, which leaves us wondering what the whole Batman Vs. Superman script photo was about. Did Bieber take in upon himself to pull a prank on Batman fanboys around the world? Or is there another Funny Or Die skit that's going to be released later? Or maybe the Batman Vs. Superman script was real after all? Actually, the script had a fake phone number, so it was definitely a joke. It just appears that it was Bieber's own prank on Batman fans, rather than a Funny Or Die skit like most had speculated. At least, Batman fans can take solace in watching Galifianakis give Bieber a good whipping in the video below.

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