Kylo Ren Cat Got Adopted

Catam Driver

Earlier this week, a cat by the name of Corey took the Internet by storm. Why? Because everyone agrees he looks like Adam Driver.

Well, Kylo Ren Cat has since been adopted and taken home to Brooklyn, New York. It was no easy journey for the cat to find a home.

Writer at Elite Daily, Emily McCombs, decided the moment she saw Corey that she wanted to bring him home. However, Emily's Brooklyn home was an hour away from the Monmouth County MCSPCA where Corey was being kept and on top of that, she doesn't own a car or have an up to date driver's license.

That didn't stop her.

McCombs e-mailed the MCSPCA down in Eatontown, New Jersey to check if Corey was still waiting for a home and was first told he was adopted. Hours later, a new e-mail told her Kylo Ren Cat was still around, waiting for some new Masters.

That was it. Time to go get Corey. "My benevolent friend and I drove as fast as we could, hearts pounding the whole way, and still didn't make it there until 30 minutes after opening," Robin explains about her journey to pick up her new friend. "Another woman was already there looking at Corey. She, too, had driven from Brooklyn. It was a stand-off, and since she had gotten there first, it was all up to her."

Well, that woman decided against taking home the Internet sensation.

"The whole way home, as he meowed from his carrier in the backseat (Corey is very vocal), I thought about how weird it was that I was bringing home an Internet famous cat who had no idea about any of it," Robin writes.

Corey has now been renamed Catam Driver and has his own Instagram account under that name.

And you thought your cat was evil...