Mackenzie Davis Teases Her "Enhanced Human Being" in 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

Paramount's Terminator: Dark Fate is quickly becoming one of the more anticipated movies of the year. That's partly thanks to the returns of James Cameron and classic franchise actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, but the franchise is also getting an injection of new blood thanks to new additions like Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, and Gabriel Luna, and fans are definitely intrigued by the mystery that surrounds them. That especially goes for Davis' character, who is more than she initially seems, and she recently went into a bit more detail regarding her character's mysterious origins.

Davis told that she will be playing a character that isn't quite a terminator per se but is more powerful than a human. "I can say that I'm an enhanced human being and I come to Mexico City under a mysterious mission to protect Danni Ramos played by Natalia Reyes, and that's about it," Davis said.

Fans are still waiting for their chance to see Davis in action, but according to director Tim Miller, she is knocking the role out of the park. "Mackenzie is fantastic, I think people are going to be amazed by what a bada** she is. And Natalia is wonderful -- when you read the script you might think, 'Oh, she's not a warrior or a soldier or anything exciting like that,' or worry perhaps that she might be overshadowed by the other four -- but absolutely not. She's amazing, a-ma-zing," Miller told IGN.

The first footage of Terminator: Dark Fate was shown at CinemaCon, and from the sounds of it the film seems to nail the action the franchise is known for while also keeping several mysteries afloat. We still aren't sure where Schwarzenegger's classic Terminator comes into all this, but we imagine he'll be coming to blows with the franchise's newest Terminator, which will be played by Gabriel Luna.

You can check out the rest of the interview with Davis in the video above, and the official synopsis for Terminator: Dark Fate can be found below.

"Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800) return in their iconic roles in Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by visionary filmmaker James Cameron and David Ellison. Following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator: Dark Fate also stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta."

Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters on November 1st.



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