Tim Burton on Why He'd Never Make a Marvel Movie

Tim Burton explained why he would never make a Marvel movie. The filmmaker talked about his relationship with Disney. It doesn't sound like the Beetlejuice creator actually wants to dip his toes into the MCU. Most of his criticism stems from both the Multiversal nature of their storytelling right now. Another thing Burton noted was that there's a similar nature to a lot of their storytelling. (All of these are common critiques on social media, where Marvel discourse is absolutely everywhere.) While the current crop of movies has branched out to some different genres, some still decry the formulaic nature of these projects. (Ask a non-Marvel fan about the third acts of MCU movies and they'll go into a bulleted list of notes.) So, check out what the accomplished filmmaker has to say about the prospects of a Tim Burton Marvel project right here.

"It's gotten to be very homogenized, very consolidated. There's less room for different types of things," he told Deadline before saying he would never do a Marvel movie at this time. "I can only deal with one universe, l can't deal with a multi-universe."

How Has Phase 4 Been Different?

MTV News spoke to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about one big difference in Phase 4. There has been no big Avengers-style team-up movie after Avengers: Endgame and fans were probably expecting more crossovers since the conclusion of the Infinity Saga. If there's anything that Phase 4 has shown, its that Marvel has a lot of room for different flavors under their umbrella.

"The truth is, when we were doing Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3, there were less projects over more years. They were smaller projects and individual character stories, and it felt appropriate at that point, that after every two or three years that it took for a phase, we would do an Avengers film," Feige explained. "As [Phase] 4, 5, and 6 were coming together, there are more projects in less years — because of all the amazing stuff we're now allowed to do on Disney+, and getting characters from Fox, Fantastic Four and Deadpool — that it felt like, certainly after Infinity War and Endgame, that we thought Avengers movies aren't cappers." 

"So many of our movies now — Multiverse of Madness, what you're about to see in [Ant-Man and the Wasp] Quantumania, all our big team-up films introducing big parts of the mythology — and that Avengers films really should be the capper to a saga, which is what really all we wanted to lay the groundwork for today is say, 'We are currently in the midst of the Multiverse Saga, which will culminate in two Avengers films,'" he added.

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