Netflix Trolls Fans With Survey About Cancelled Marvel Shows

Netflix has broken the hearts of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans everywhere, by ending 2018 with [...]

Netflix has broken the hearts of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans everywhere, by ending 2018 with the systematic cancellation of Marvel Netflix series The Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil - with The Punisher and Jessica Jones one the chopping block, once their respective upcoming seasons air in 2019.

Since the cancellations, Marvel fans have been turning on Netflix, as the streaming service was reportedly responsible for ending its contracts with Marvel Studios, for reasons that have yet to fully come to light. Well, Netflix seems to be taking some initiative to clear its own name, with a poll that tries to tally just how much people actually care about these shows going away:

Anybody else been trolled by this Netflix survey from r/Defenders

As you can see, the poll allows users to fill in some pretty harsh assessments of the Marvel Netflix cancellations. Options like "indifferent" and "Not very disappointed / Not at all disappointed" seem to fly right in the face of Marvel fans who have been very passionate and vocal online, probably bombarding Netflix with blame and criticism over social media. At the same time, given what we've seen fans organize and accomplish when impassioned (read: angry), it wouldn't take Marvel fans much to get into a poll like this and skew the numbers towards an overwhelmingly "disappointed" response to the cancellations.

Through all of this, speculation about the actual viewership stats of the Marvel Netflix shows has bent in two directions, with some analysts saying shows like Luke Cage and Iron Fist saw massive declines in interest, while others state Daredevil was still killing it in the ratings, with a highly-acclaimed season 3 run. The biggest x-factor in all this is no doubt the launch the Disney+ streaming service in the upcoming year; that venture will become the primary destination for Marvel Cinematic Universe home streaming content, and there's been a great deal of speculation about what Disney / Marvel may or may not have done to push Netflix into either paying a high price for retaining their Marvel shows, or giving up the rights. We've since learned that these cancellations will carry a two-year penalty, during which none of the Defenders characters can appear in other MCU content. However, if/when Disney/Marvel wants to bring those characters back, it could finally (blessedly) be in the MCU proper, and not some strange tangent corner of it.

The Punisher season 2 will stream on Netflix in January, followed by Jessica Jones season 3 later in 2019.