Marvel Studios Rumor Claims Silver Surfer Will Be Special Presentation

A new Marvel Studios rumor claims that Silver Surfer will be a Special Presentation. Cosmic Circus reports that the company is developing the solo project in the same vein as Werewolf by Night. It would be interesting to see what Marvel has planned for the cosmic side of things in the next two phases. Just like the spooky side of the MCU has taken big steps forward with the first Special Presentation and Moon Knight, there are some gaps to fill for fans who have been dreaming of seeing Nova and the Kree/Skrull War happen at some point. It sounds like there will be some Galactus sprinkled in there for good measure as well. However, the studio itself has not announced, nor confirmed anything.

Where Are Some of Marvel's Other Heavy-Hitters?

Speaking of fan-favorite Marvel heroes who have not appeared in the MCU yet, the X-Men are one of social media's favorite entities to ask some questions about. They'll hit Disney+ in X-Men '97 and writer Beau DeMayo talked to The Direct about the pressure that comes with that task.

"From a studio and process standpoint, no different. Kevin [Feige], Brad Winderbaum, Dana [Vasquez-Eberhardt] who's working with us on this, who are our producers, they have the same level of involvement," he said. "I know in some studios, animation is treated like the red-headed stepchild and, honestly, What If…? and Marvel's other animated series are treated just as seriously as their live-action properties. And X-Men, in particular, is something that is very close to Marvel Studios' hearts, now that it's back home at the studio. So that has been different."

"It's just like, X-Men means something to a lot of people. There's a weight and a responsibility there, I think, now that it's back at Marvel Studios, that is very different, and that I'm always aware of," DeMayo added. "The funny difference is more sleepless night, because on Moon Knight, if something didn't go right, [I was like], 'well, Jeremy [Slater] is is writing the show, so at the end of the day he'll have to [figure it out].' There have been several moments where I'm like, 'Someone needs to figure this out—oh, it's me now.' [laughs] So, there's been a lot of growth, I'd say, that I've had to do on X-Men '97. Just as a storyteller, and as a producer, and as a person, that has made it a very different experience than writing on Moon Knight."

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