The Matrix 4 Stars Praise Beautiful Script As Reason For Return

The Matrix 4 stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss say that it was a 'beautiful script' by the [...]

The Matrix 4 stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss say that it was a "beautiful script" by the Wachowskis that convinced them to return to the franchise. "Lana Wachowski wrote a beautiful script and a wonderful story that resonated with me," Reeves told Empire Magazine. "That's the only reason to do it. To work with her again is just amazing. It's been really special, and the story has, I think, some meaningful things to say, and that we can take some nourishment from." Both Reeves and Moss will be reprising their roles as hackers-turned heroes Neo and Trinity (respectively), in this mysterious new installment of the franchise.

Carrie-Anne Moss similarly praised the Matrix 4 script, which was Lana Wachowski (The Matrix Trilogy) co-wrote along with Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon (Sense8). As Moss also told Empire: "When it was brought to me in the way that it was brought to me, with incredible depth and all of the integrity and artistry that you could imagine, I was like, 'This is a gift.' It was just very exciting."

The Matrix 4 Keanu Reeves Carrie-Anne Moss Praise Script Story

As stated we still don't know much about the actual story for The Matrix 4, but set videos and photos have definitely raised some interesting questions. The Matrix 4 shoot in San Francisco revealed a lot of interesting tidbits, both big and small. Early scenes showed Reeves dressed in some kind of modern hipster clothes, seemingly living out a modern-day (2020s) life in what is presumably a Silicone Valley-style setting. That tranquil setting doesn't last long, though: soon Neo is back riding on Trinity's motorcycle, while a massive action sequence showed San Francisco erupting in riots. Things get even more curious with scenes that seem to indicate Neo wandering an empty version of the Matrix, leading to a lot of questions that fans of the original trilogy now have.

Indeed, after the events of the Matrix Trilogy, there are some seriously big questions that this fourth chapter needs to answer. Neo and Trinity both gave their lives to bring down the machine supremacy, and rid the Matrix world of the Agent Smith infection. However, the trilogy made it clear that the Matrix was a system that constantly got rebooted, and that there were many versions of Neo that had risen over time and gave their lives to give the Matrix a fresh start. So maybe we do know what story Matrix 4 is telling: we've fallen back asleep, and it's time to wake up again.

The Matrix 4 is expected to resume filming in July, due to coronavirus pandemic delays.