Matt Damon Is Ready To Do Ocean's 14

Matt Damon is ready to do Ocean's 14 if the world is ready to see it. Damon was recently doing an [...]

Matt Damon is ready to do Ocean's 14 if the world is ready to see it. Damon was recently doing an interview where he was asked about the status and legacy of the Ocean's franchise - and his own past comments. Damon has made headlines for saying he's still interested in doing another Ocean's film (which would be Ocean's 14), and when questioned about whether or not that was true or just Internet noise, the Oscar-winning actor made it clear: he's been down for Ocean's 14 ever since Ocean's Thirteen came out back in 2007. He just needs to get the call.

Here's what Matt Damon had to say about his commitment to Ocean's 14 while appearing on Sirius XM's Jess Cagle Show:

"That's been my standing position since we wrapped Ocean's 13, since the day we wrapped it, I'm ready to work on Ocean's 14. It's, it's always been about how would it look, you know, we've lost two members of our gang, you know, Bernie [Mac] and Carl [Reiner] and, uh, and so what, what would that move you look like? And so that would be up to a great screenwriter to figure out and, and, you know, but the guys, we're, we're all still in touch with each other. We have great friendships that came out of that movie and, and, you know, we we'd certainly always be game to return I think."

Matt Damon Is Ready to Do Oceans 14

The Ocean's franchise has always been one part meta with its large ensemble of famous stars. The first film turned the presence of Damon, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney into a visual gag about their competing status as best-looking men in the world. Ocean's Twelve turned the Julia Roberts' role into a (now infamous) meta-joke about her character, Tess, impersonating Julia Roberts.

That's all to say: Damon is correct in the sense that Ocean's has a hurdle to overcome in replacing the late Bernie Mac and Carl Reiner in the heist crew. However, as you can see above, the Ocean's series is the one franchise that could turn that challenge into the sort of fun meta storyline that would actually bring some novelty to Ocean's 14. Depending on the nature of the new job, there are all sorts of famous character and/or physical actors that could join the gang. Or an iconic face or two.

Right now there are no confirmed plans for Ocean's 14 to go into production.