Average Netflix User Only Streams 2% of Its Content Each Year

Binging movies and television on Netflix has become common practice for people around the globe [...]

Binging movies and television on Netflix has become common practice for people around the globe over the past few years. Even as more streaming services have created new competition, Netflix remains the leader in the streaming industry, somehow continuing to find more subscribers. We've become even more reliant on Netflix in recent months, thanks to the shutdowns caused by the pandemic, and many people probably think that they've watched just about everything Netflix has to offer. We've all had that thought before, where we sit down and think "There's nothing left on Netflix for me to watch." Well, as it turns out, hardly any of us have made it past the tip of the iceberg.

Reviews.org set out to determine how much content is actually on Netflix, as well as how much of that content the average subscriber actually watches. The current Netflix library (which changes every day) contains about 36,667 hours of content. It would take four years, two months, and eight days of consecutive streaming to watch that many hours of movies and TV.

No one could watch everything on Netflix, but how much of that library do we actually stream? According to the study, the average user only watches 2% of the Netflix library each year. That's about 733 hours of content, which seams like a lot, but it's nothing compared the entirety of Netflix.

Again, all of this data only counts if Netflix keeps the exact same lineup for all of that time. That's not the reality, though. New Netflix originals are added weekly, and outsourced movies rotate on a pretty regular basis. The lineup is always shifting and growing, making it even more impossible to watch everything than it already was.

When compared to other services, Netflix doesn't just have the most overall content, it also has the most unique titles to its name. Disney+ has 744 titles that you can't find on any other streaming service. Hulu has 2,657 such titles. Netflix outpaces the two rival services combined, boasting more than 5,400 unique titles on its lineup.

There's no way to watch everything on Netflix, plain and simple. But if you're looking for the most content for your money, Netflix is clearly the best option, and it doesn't even seem that close.