Netflix Reportedly Expanding Top 10 Feature to Top 50

Earlier this year Netflix debuted an ever-changing new feature in the Top 10. Every new day has brought a Top 10 overall for the service plus a Top 10 Movies and Top 10 TV shows, with the rankings changing with each day. These Top 10s were good for a few reasons, like gauging the interest of Netflix users in the content that's on the series, including what new originals from the streamer they were less interested in. Netflix will seemingly expand that pool in the near future though as they're apparently testing a Top 50, including additional Top 50s for movies and TV shows.

The news comes from S&P Global Market Intelligence Tech reporter Saqib Shah, who posted on Twitter his sudden revelation that they're testing out the Top 50 in certain markets. He writes, "Netflix has confirmed to me that is testing a Top 50 list, expanding on the Top 10 it rolled out earlier this year. In keeping with that feature, there is a Top 50 row for all content on the home page, and seperate lists for films and TV shows."

A spokesperson for Netflix shared an update with him later, reportedly adding: "As we have seen with the Top 10, members like to know what's popular when picking what to watch. We're testing if showing an expanded list of popular titles around the globe will be helpful. As with all our tests, we will only roll [it] out if members find it useful." There's still a chance that it could happen as Shah added.

This marks the latest potential change to the service that Netflix is testing, with the streaming giant revealing earlier this year that they're testing "Shuffle Play." The feature will allow subscribers to stream random titles it thinks you may like based on previous viewing history or items saved to playlists. The feature, which is being tested worldwide, is currently only being tested on connected-TV devices, but the company hopes to roll out a shuffle feature permanently in the future.


(Cover photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)