Netflix Used Three Times More Than Disney+ According to New Study

Disney+ has secured over 28 million viewers in the four months it's been available and even then, it's hardly put a dent into the Netflix viewership numbers. In a new study released by the streaming video-tracking app Reelgood, subscribers are still spending three times as much time on Netflix as they do on Disney+. The service suggests 74.8-percent of users with both Netflix and Disney+ use the former more while the remaining 25.2-percent find themselves on Disney+ more.

While Disney+ had narrowed that gap in the weeks immediately following its release, eventually taking over upwards of ~40-percent of the viewership share. It found itself at an all-time low in late January, at numbers hovering around just 10-percent. As you might expect, ReelGood attributes this directly to the vast library of original content Netflix has to offer, something that continually growing with each passing week.

So far, Disney+ has seen the release of originals like The Mandalorian and Lady and the Tramp, though few others have become major pop culture phenomenons. Despite being dwarfed in overall viewership numbers, Disney+ does boast the most-watched series from either streaming service. Reelgood suggests The Mandalorian is the most-watched series; in fact, it and The Simpsons are the only two Disney+ properties on Reelgood's Top 50 TV Shows from November until now.

The movie side of the equation is a whole other story. Avengers: Endgame (7th), The Avengers (9th), and Star Wars: A New Hope (10th) each landed in the Top 10 of Reelgood's most-watched movies list. Disney+ nearly captured half the most-watched movies, finishing off with 21.

"Our data below shows that Netflix is clearly still the king of content and remains the go-to streaming platform for more than half of our users who subscribe to both services," a Reelgood spokesperson tells "Aside from The Mandalorian and The Simpsons, it doesn't look like consumers are finding any other interesting shows to watch on Disney+. On the positive side though, it's pretty obvious that movies from the MCU and the Star Wars franchise are doing what everyone expected them to from the start, which is carry the service."


Movies currently available on Netflix dominated the first six spots, including The Irishman, Avengers: Infinity War, Marriage Story, The Matrix, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, and 3 Idiots.

What streaming service have you watched more since Disney+ entered the mix? Think it over and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!