The New Mutants: Illyana Confronts Rahne and Dani in Tense Deleted Scene

The very last Fox X-Men movie is making its way home, as The New Mutants shifts from theaters to a Blu-ray and on-demand release next month. With that in mind, 20th Century Studios has started to roll out the first looks at the special features filling the home debut, including some of the film's deleted scenes. The first of these scenes has been released online, courtesy of SYFY Wire, and it features a confrontation between Illyana, Rahne, and Danielle. You can check it out in the video above!

In the scene, Rahne and Danielle are going through Illyana's room while she's in the shower, and Rahne explains to her new friend that the believes Illyana to be some kind of demon. Danielle is inspecting the Lockheed doll when Illyana returns, ordering them to put down her things and leave.

Lockheed's appearance in The New Mutants is far from its only connection to the X-Men comics. However, the film was originally designed to plant the seeds for even more connections in future installments. Director Josh Boone recently sat down with and told us that he had a trilogy planned, one that crossed over with the other live-action X-Men movies.

"There still are references to the X-Men universe," Boone explained. "It's just like we made this at such a strange time in the circumstances under which we made it was strange, which was, we didn't know there was gonna be a merger till we finished shooting. So we made the movie thinking it was the first of three. And then eventually we dovetail with [Simon Kinberg]'s X-Men movies. And eventually they'd come together like in a big Marvel type way. But you know, that's not what happened. And it's like, everything sort of got flipped upside down where it's like, we had to do a really good job this last time I went into the edit, making sure it didn't feel too much, like there were too many loose ends to be followed up on in another movie. So most of the little bit of work I did when I came back was to make sure that those tendrils were fixed."

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The New Mutants arrives on Blu-ray and on-demand on November 17th. Pre-orders are live on Amazon now.

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