Nicolas Cage Reveals David Lynch Almost Cameoed in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is hitting theatres this month, and it will see Nicolas Cage playing himself alongside Pedro Pascal, who portrays a billionaire super-fan of Cage's who hires him to come to his birthday party. In the movie, Cage auditions for a role in a David Gordon Green film, who is best known for directing Halloween (2018). Today, Cage took part in a Reddit AMA and revealed that he originally had a different director in mind to play themselves the new movie. Cage shared that he approached David Lynch, who directed Cage in the 1990 film, Wild at Heart

"I did call David [Lynch] when we were filming Massive Talent because I had hoped he might play the role of the director I was auditioning for, but it was at the height of the concerns with COVID and he didn't want to leave the house. The result of David Gordon Green however was pitch perfect, and I do hope David Gordon Green does more work as a thespian," Cage shared.

During the AMA, Cage also talked about working with Pascal on the movie.

"First and foremost, Pedro Pascal is a genuinely nice man. You couldn't ask for a nicer more pleasant person to work with. Second he has a very unique sense of humor. It's the kind of sense of humor where I don't know if he's really making a joke or he isn't making a joke. Such as comment about the appearance of a cabbage in a cabbage field. And it made me wonder if he was a method actor and was in character and adding a kind of confused dimension to the Javi role, or if he genuinely thought the cabbage was amusing. I am still confounded by this. I mean who makes a joke about cabbage, except him? It's just not funny!" 

When asked about his most challenging role, Cage added, "I would say that Nick Cage in Massive Talent was the most challenging role I had to get into character for because I had the added component of trying to protect a person named Nick Cage and also facilitating the director's absurdist vision of so-called Nick Cage and it was a highwire act everyday." 


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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent hits theatres on April 22nd.