'Office Space' Funko Pops Should Be In Every Cubicle


We can't believe that it took this long for Funko to deliver on Office Space Funko Pops, but better late than never! The release is part of a massive wave of merch that Funko unveiled for London Toy Fair 2019.

The Office Space Funko Pop lineup includes Peter Gibbons, Bill Lumbergh, Milton, and Joanna. You'll be able to pre-order them all right here at some point today, January 21st - and we highly suggest that you keep checking in because these are going to be hot sellers. Anyone that has a desk is going to be tempted to put a Lumbergh or Milton Funko Pop on it. We just hope that a Michael Bolton Funko Pop is on the way (not the singer though...because he sucks). Peter's neighbor Lawrence is a must-have as well.

The official description for the first wave of Office Space Funko Pops reads:

"If you enjoy working on the weekends, wearing as much flair as possible andlosing your stapler, the Office Space Pop! are not for you. Peter Gibbons really doesn't want to go to work over the weekend but Bill Lumbergh is going to do his best to make it happen anyway. Milton Waddams is still looking for his stapler. Joanna has had it with talking about flair. Collect them all to help get past the 9 to 5 grind."

Head on over to our Funko London Toy Fair master list to keep track of all the new Pop figure releases and where you can reserve them for your collection. You can also check out our Funko page for details on standout waves and individual releases.


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