Paramount Replacing Bumblebee UHD Discs with Audio Sync Issues

Paramount Home Media Distribution is now offering a replacement program for Bumblebee 4K Ultra HD discs suffering from audio sync issues after consumers reported lagging audio not aligned with picture.

In response to complaints, Paramount is issuing the following email:

In response to Bumblebee UHD’s picture and audio sync issues being observed on some playback platforms, we have determined we can tighten their alignment to remedy the audio sync lag issue. Audio sync lag was observed primarily with the English ATMOS track, but we are addressing all the audio tracks on the disc regardless. The majority of consumers may never notice the sync issue, but unfortunately, the audio sync lag is exacerbated by viewing the film via the “ARC” (Audio Return Channel) port on TVs that output to a sound-bar or receiver. Compliance amongst TV manufacturer ARC implementation is not standardized, thus different set-ups will exhibit different and varying playback behavior, even if played back on the same set-up multiple times. A replacement disc is already ready that will align the picture and audio sync better, but do note, it still may not remedy all the ARC playback set-ups in the market – we suggest consulting your manufacturer’s documentation on how to align picture and audio sync if still experiencing lag.

Customers experiencing the sync issue are now encouraged to include their shipping information and mail their defective UHD discs to the below address to receive the replacement disc free of charge.

Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA
Attn: Customer Service Re: Bumblebee

Paramount Pictures is now developing a Bumblebee sequel co-starring Optimus Prime.