Rifftrax Launch Kickstarter To Make Fun of Godzilla Live in Theaters


Rifftrax, one of the movie-mocking companies that rose from the ashes of the cult-hit Mystery Science Theater 3000, launched a Kickstarter campaign this week to riff one of their most-requested films live in theaters. The movie in question? 1998's Godzilla, the last attempt to make an American version of the film and one of the most roundly-mocked movies possibly ever made. Last year, the troupe launched a similar Kickstarter to riff on Twilight in one of their Rifftrax live shows, but ultimately settled for Starship Troopers after Lionsgate told them that Twilight was still a going concern for the studio and not something they were ready to license out just yet. This time around, it seems as though they've felt out the rights-holders ahead of time. "The rights to a movie such as Godzilla cost substantially more than a movie like Manos (shocking, but true), and even more than the rights to Starship Troopers, so to afford it we need your help. That's why we're back on Kickstarter," said an e-mail to fans. The project has already hit its goal, but with three weeks left to go, fans can still get in on exclusive rewards, with commentary tracks for Godzilla (as well as a bunch of other throw-ins) starting at $20 and other stuff like invitations to the riff's planning session or the opportunity to write a joke to be used in the live show still up for grabs. Check it out here. Gareth Edwards's Godzilla -- which is nowhere near as bad -- is in theaters this weekend.