New Scream Set Photos Tease a Return to a Familiar Location

The events of each Scream film have always centered around either Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott or the town of Woodsboro, with set photos from the upcoming Scream sparking speculation that we could return to the famous house from the debut film where the entire murder-mystery came to a conclusion. That film ended at Stu's house, played by Matthew Lillard, who threw a party to celebrate school's being closed and a curfew being enforced in hopes of avoiding the killer terrorizing the town. Little did partygoers know that Stu himself was one of the killers, resulting in massive amounts of bloodshed at the home.

Writer of the original Scream Kevin Williamson shared the below photos, with the photo of himself with stars Campbell and Courteney Cox offering a glimpse of teens wearing Woodsboro varsity jackets. While much of the background is obscured, we recognize distinct colors on the trim of the windows. With the new film unfolding in Woodsboro, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see a famous home in the town appear in the new movie, though it leaves us to speculate why our characters would show up at the location.

The actual home from the film is located in California, so with the new film having shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, the home in the above photos was either reconstructed on a sound stage, or it was only partially recreated for specific shots. You can see the original home from Scream's ending in the photo below.

scream movie stu house 1996 ending
(Photo: Dimension Films)

While Stu seemingly met his demise at the end of the original film, he previously joked that his character could have somehow survived a TV being smashed on his head.

"I mean... it was just a TV? Right?" Lillard shared on Twitter. "You'd think he'd SURVIVE?" He also added the hashtag #stu to make it quite clear who he was talking about.

Over the course of the franchise, when a character is fatally injured and we aren't given confirmation that they're still alive, they don't return for new installments. In this regard, it would be unlikely that Stu secretly survived the film, but we can't rule out the events of the new film, or possibly characters in the story, having an unexpected connection to Stu.

The new Scream hits theaters on January 14, 2022.


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