Sebastian Stan Is Volunteering to Play Dracula for the Blumhouse Reboot

Sebastian Stan has starred as Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011, when he made his franchise debut in Captain America: The First Avenger. Nearly a decade later, he's become one of the most tenured actors in the entire MCU, with an entire TV series coming to Disney+ later this year (hopefully). However, while Stan's Marvel success continues into the future, he seems to be eyeing another role based on some popular IP. Dracula is getting the reboot treatment from Universal's Blumhouse, and Stan wants to toss his hat in the ring.

Blumhouse just delivered The Invisible Man earlier this year, an updated take on the classic monster property from director Leigh Whannell, and the film was a smashing success. The studio has tapped director Karyn Kusama to try and do the same for Dracula. As you may know, Stan worked with Kusama a couple of years ago on the film Destroyer. He has already reached out to the director about playing the titular vampire.

"I already emailed her about that," Stan told The Hollywood Reporter in recent interview. "I said, 'You know I'm from Romania, right?' and she goes, 'Yes, yes, it's very early — and there's a pandemic. Hopefully, we'll see you in four years.'"

Stan certainly fits the bill for Dracula. He's got the right look and he can brood with the best of them. Of course, there's also the relationship with Kusama, a director that he has nothing but adoration for.

"I would love to keep finding projects with her — projects that kind of push you in a different direction," Stan continued. "Again, this goes back to your earlier questions about these smaller movies, and I was referencing the vision of a director, how important that is and sometimes surrendering to that. That's what that movie was for me. Karyn saw this character and movie in a certain way, and it was my job to learn that world, the tone and fit into it. I loved her as a director because she was so specific with me from the get-go. She also really allowed me to discover it on my own. We talked about the tattoos, the look, his history. … It was very collaborative before we started, and then, when we started, it was actually very specific. She was one of those directors that made me feel so safe and confident in my choices, simply by the way she communicated with me. I think that came from her absolute confidence in what she wanted and what she saw."


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