Sideshow Collectibles Hosting Virtual Con

Walking the show room floor at San Diego Comic-Con is a sensory overload for fans of geek culture. However, one booth often stands out and draws a massive crowd as statues and highly detailed figures are displayed, photographed, and lusted over within their clear plastic walls. The Sideshow Collectibles booth is a pop culture art gallery like no other which offers the opportunity to take a look at some of their high-end collectibles, ranging in size from sixth scale Hot Toys figures, eighth-size Iron Studios statues, to life-size Infinity Gauntlets and more. Despite San Diego Comic-Con being cancelled for this year, Sideshow is declaring "The Con is On" with an event of their own.

This July, Sideshow Con will offer fans from all over the world an opportunity to engage with the Sideshow team and explore an enormous, immersive, and impressive physical booth from the comfort of their homes. From July 20th– July 26th, days which encompass those which would have been San Diego Comic-Con, fans and collectors will have "unprecedented" live access to HD streams of all of the new products reveals and convention exclusive products, as well as the opportunity to interact with Sideshow’s artists and meet the creative teams behind these collectibles.

“The ‘Sideshow Con’ idea was really born from our sadness about the cancellation of the physical San Diego Comic-Con," Sideshow's Andy smith said. "We wanted to find a way of showcasing all of the new products that Sideshow and our partners are unveiling this year, but also to try and bring all of the engagement, discussion, interaction, love, and enthusiasm of an in-person event to this venture. We decided to build a physical real-world Sideshow booth space, and we’re filling it with new and never before seen (and fan favorite) products from Sideshow as well as our brand partners like Hot Toys, PCS Collectibles, DC Direct, Prime 1, and more. All of this will enhance our annual online experience we offer to fans."

Like San Diego Comic-Con and other events where Sideshow pops ups, there will be plenty of reason to get excited for fans hoping to take home something new -- and with a bit of luck. "We've got giveaways, contests, convention-exclusive products, special guests, artist interviews, and all the things you would expect from Sideshow at San Diego Comic-Con, but with a few unusual twists that are only possible with this new format," Smith explained. "For example, we can now display these amazing pieces without protective glass cases (something we could never do at a convention!), giving fans a clearer and more detailed look at each product."

The physical booth will be changing with each day of the event, showcasing different collectibles each day.

“Pop culture is vital. Perhaps now even more than ever. While the disruption from COVID-19 has caused us all to step back and re-address our large-scale social gatherings, it’s also shown us just how much we appreciate and value the arts," Sideshow's CEO Greg Anzalone said. "Whether it’s reminiscing and re-discovering a beloved cartoon from our childhood or binge-watching our favorite movies and TV shows. Reading our favorite novel or comic book, playing with a toy, or appreciating a piece of beautiful art. Our shared fandoms, their characters, and the worlds that they inhabit have proven to be a great source of comfort for everyone."


2020 marks the first time since 1998 that Sideshow will not have a booth at San Diego Comic-Con as the event's long-running streak of summer events has been forced to break. For more information, head over Sideshow Con's official landing page!

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