Spaceballs 2: Josh Gad's Mysterious Post Has Mel Brooks Fans in a Frenzy

Actor Josh Gad dropped a social media post that has fans wondering if Spaceballs 2 is finally happening.

Spaceballs 2 may finally be happening – based on a (somewhat) mysterious post by actor Josh Gad (Frozen, Pixels, Disney's Beauty and the Beast). 

"Just handed in a film script that I think may be the funniest and best thing I've ever worked on and I am so freaking excited," Gad wrote in his caption. "Working with my boys @cubanmissiledh and @benjisamit has been heaven on Earth and many other planets as well. Love you boys!"

(Photo: Josh Gad / Instagram)

As you can see in the photo above (taken from Josh Gad's Instagram account), the script he tried to cryptically tease clearly has a section that reads "Based on Characters Created by..." and even though Gad tried to erase the name that followed, he didn't completely obscure it, and the name "Mel" is still visible, as are the "k" and "s" in "Brooks." 

It's not hard to deduce from there that Josh Gad, Dan Hernandez, and Benji Samit were working on a script for Spaceballs 2. 

Rumors of a Spaceballs sequel have been floating around Hollywood since the original film came out in 1987. That's not surprising: Spaceballs was Mel Brooks' Star Was parody film, so it's more shocking that there has been only one installment of the Spaceballs movies, as Star Wars has become one of the more prolific franchises in terms of content. Mel Brooks once said he'd love to do Spaceballs 2, while on Adam Carolla's Take a Knee podcast in 2015. 

That all said: there's now plenty of space (no pun) for a new Spaceballs movie to continue the story of the original (minus a few deceased cast members) while expanding the scope of the comedy to the larger Star Wars Universe that's been created. 

(Photo: MGM Studios)

Josh Gad is a pretty pronounced Star Wars fan – who's clearly had the franchise eon his mind lately. On Star Wars Day 2024 (May 4th), Gad got fans re-thinking things, after he posted a video alleging OREO's secret influence on the Star Wars franchise

When talked with Joshg Gad about his Star Wars OREO theory, he made it clear that he's been very adjacent to the franchise for some time:

"I will tell you that ... I have been invited to numerous Star Wars sets, and have learned things way before the movies came out that I was actually very sad that I knew," Gad revealed to ComicBook's Patrick Cavanaugh on Star Wars Day. "I saw Baby Yoda about a year before anybody knew about Baby Yoda, so that was both cool, but also slightly disappointing because then I couldn't be surprised."

Could those kinds of visits have been research for Gad and co. to do their Spaceballs sequel? We may soon know... 

Either way, Josh Gad made it clear to us that he wants to do some kind of Star Wars role as soon as possible: "If they were to offer me Donnie the Hutt, like Jabba's nephew or something like that, I would do it in a second."

If Spaceballs needs a new "Pizza the Hutt" we know where to find one...