Spider-Man 3: Marvel Studios Likely Bringing Back Major Contributor for Sequel

Spider-Man 3 is getting back a major contributor for the sequel. Marvel Studios has largely kept [...]

Spider-Man 3 is getting back a major contributor for the sequel. Marvel Studios has largely kept the band together for Tom Holland's two solo adventures in the MCU. Well, after an appearance on the CinemaBlend ReelBlend podcast, Michael Giacchino said that he would be back to score the follow-up to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Nailing the look and feel of the Wall Crawler's aesthetic was absolutely paramount for Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. Entrusting the music to the acclaimed composer was a way to ensure that the feeling is just right. (Finding a way to work in that classic Spider-Man theme is just a wicked bonus.) During his appearance on the podcast, Giacchino revealed the story of how the partnership was formed.

"I went to go see Kevin [Feige] one time early on, before Spider-Man was being announced. It was before the Comic-Con thing. I remember when Kevin was walking back, I was going back to the car," Giacchino explained. "He was walking with me, we were just talking, and he goes, 'Do you like the old Spider-Man theme? You know, the one from the Sixties?' I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Yeah. I like it. I love it!'

"And he's like, 'I had just thinking, I had this weird idea. What if we recorded that theme?' I was like, 'I always wanted to hear that with a huge orchestra!' And he's like, 'And then we could use that at Comic-Con when we announced what we're doing and all of this.' And I was like, 'Oh yeah, that sounds fun. Let's do that!' So that's how that idea came up," he added.

Atlanta_filming actually posted some images from the current set. They also gave fans a few morsels of details about the project. It looks like Marvel is keeping quite the lid on all of these upcoming projects.

"[Spider-Man] set is coming along nicely," they said. "And, as you can see, there is no view. There is no view of anything at the stages. Not at TP, not at Trilith, not and [sic] any of these stages Marvel is using. 99.9% of all these, Hawkeye, Loki, Ms. Marvel, SpiderMan, is stage. They have gone to great lengths and expense to not risk exposure to COVID."

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