Spider-Man: Far From Home Fans Wonder Why Deleted Scene Didn’t Make Final Cut

Spider-Man: Far From Home fans are asking why one of the most delightful scenes in the film didn’t end up in the theatrical cut. @iamdownbadfr posted the clip of Peter Parker breaking up a robbery in the Iron Spider suit and fans couldn’t get enough. In the commercials for Far From Home, this moment of the hero handling a heist in a restaurant was front and center. However, that was all a part of Marvel pulling the wool over people’s eyes. The company made it a priority to hide as much of the narrative of the movie as possible in the way in. However, they could have left this fun scene in the final product and the fans probably would have appreciated it. Far From Home had some action sequences, especially in act three, that got the audience out of their seats. But, there will be a segment of people who will always wonder how the reception of the film would have differed.

Comicbook.com had the chance to speak with the VFX team on Far From Home about making the combat in this sequence believable. Also, Julian Foddy from Industrial Light and Magic talked about the bait and switch.

"Well, there's actually a more strategic reason for that," Foddy began. "Which was that — well to a certain extent — yes, our Iron Spider suit was still in the development at the time that very early teaser trailer was released. It was actually more of a conscious decision by Marvel because if we had shown that Spider-Man had the Iron Spider suit on earth in the teaser trailer — don't forget the teaser trailer came out before the release of Avengers: Endgame — it would have given away the reveal that he actually comes back to life or survives the whole Infinity War and Endgame blip."

"So that's actually where a lot of our web development went. You can actually see that in the trailer shots that were released," Foddy continued. "I think they are still be used now as viral marketing, where Spider-Man's fought some mafia goons in the Italian restaurant. We had to come up with some new solutions for webs, because in Far From Home, he uses the stunning Spider-Man webs to splat people to walls. But in our restaurant fight sequence, we also had to tackle the challenge of what I termed web-cocoons. Some of these mafia guys were caught in a whole net of web, and suspended from the ceiling."

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