Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Teases Sequel

With virtually every week that passed in 2020, a new announcement was made that a highly anticipated project had its release date delayed, but now that we're in 2021, the official Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Twitter account offered fans the reminder that this means we're that much closer to the debut of the film's sequel. Last year did, however, result in the film earning a slight delay, as it was pushed from April of 2022 to October of that year, but with a variety of different movie and TV productions moving forward, it looks hopeful that the upcoming project won't earn any more delays, especially since animated endeavors have been the ones whose development haven't been complicated as severely as those in the world of live-action.

"One year closer to 2022," the Into the Spider-Verse account tweeted, accompanied by images of Spider-Man 2099.

Hitting theaters late in 2018, it's difficult to overstate the successes of Into the Spider-Verse. Not only did many fans consider it to be one of the best animated superhero films of all time, but also one of the best Spider-Man and one of the best superhero films, including any live-action endeavors. Part of its success was due to how unpredictable the entire narrative was, with the film bringing in references from all corners of the Marvel universe to tell a compelling story.

As far as what's in store for the sequel, fans have been left to merely speculate, with even star of the last film Jake Johnson not knowing if he will be involved in the new sequel.

"I would really hope so," Johnson revealed to Fandom when asked about his character returning for the sequel. "I really loved playing Peter B. Parker. I literally recorded that movie for, I think it was over two years. People don't realize, most of ... with animation, you do two or three records and it's over. I lived with that character before anyone knew it was happening for so long. I loved the material. I got to record with Shameik (Moore) a lot who played Miles, and we got to bounce off each other. Shameik and I became buddies and we're still texting and in touch."

He continued, "I would love to see Peter, what happens to him. I would love to see, did he and MJ get back together? Did he become a dad? Is he still a superhero? Is he a dad and a superhero? But these are all as a fan now, because in terms of the inside I'm not at that table making decisions, but I would love Peter to come back."

Stay tuned for details on the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel before it hits theaters on October 7, 2022.


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