Stitch Crashes The Jungle Book in New Disney Release

The lovable blue alien Stitch has earned a place of his own in the Disney pantheon, with a number of appearances beginning with 2002's Lilo & Stitch. Before that film even debuted, Stitch made an impact in the film's marketing campaign by "crashing" into key scenes of other Disney films and franchise. All throughout 2021, Disney has celebrated the spirit of that campaign with a Stitch Crashes merchandise line, which reimagines Stitch in the aesthetics of other Disney classics. After invading Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, The Lion KingThe Little Mermaid, Snow Whiteand Aladdin, Stitch has now set his sights on another Disney film — The Jungle Book. The collection, which includes a plush, a Jumbo Pin, and a coffee mug, lets Stitch savor the bare necessities of life, with the help of a green patterned style and a banana on his head. The plush will retail for $29.99, the pin for $24.99, and the coffee mug for $16.95, and all of them are now available at

(Photo: Shop Disney)
(Photo: Shop Disney)
(Photo: Shop Disney)
(Photo: Shop Disney)

Inspired by the original Lilo & Stitch film trailers from 2002 featuring Stitch crashing classic Disney film scenes, the monthly, limited-release series of collectible premium plus puts a new spin on the adored extraterrestrial with each month's offering inspired by a different classic Disney animated film. The Stitch Crashes Sleeping Beauty collection will be available both on and in stores and domestic Disney Parks at a later date.

This mashup of Lilo & Stitch and The Jungle Book comes at an interesting point for the former franchise, as a live-action/CGI hybrid of the former has also been long-rumored for the Disney+ streaming service, but has yet to be officially announced. The Jungle Book, meanwhile, got a live-action/CGI hybrid film back in 2016, with a sequel greenlit, but no updates surrounding that have been provided in recent years.

What do you think of Stitch's crashing into Disney's Sleeping Beauty? Which Disney worlds would you like to see Stitch crash into next? Which of these special crossovers has caught your eye the most so far? Let us know your thoughts about Stitch and all things Disney in the comments!

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