Sylvester Stallone Shares Gruesome Throwback From Rambo: Last Blood

Sylvester Stallone is a part of an array of franchises ranging from Rocky to the upcoming The [...]

Sylvester Stallone is a part of an array of franchises ranging from Rocky to the upcoming The Suicide Squad and the iconic action star is often sharing behind-the-scenes content from his various movies. Recently, Stallone posted an epic throwback video featuring the cast of Expendables 3, and his latest post is taking it back to Rambo: Last Blood, which was released in 2019.

"This is a little bizarre, but I wanted to show the amazing make-up skills of FIONA CUSH, who always makes me look so darn pretty... From the last Rambo," Stallone captioned the post. "Hi kids, obviously you can see I know exactly how to fight," Stallone begins in the video. "No one ever laid a glove on me, so if anyone wants boxing instructions by the very best, the king of defense, the swiftest man alive, the flash, call my boxing studio. I think it's called Sudden Death on Wilshire. Ciao." You can check out the post below:

Recently, Stallone shared that he would be interested in bringing back Rambo in a prequel. Of course, that might require some recasting or some intense de-aging technology. Stallone said he sees the character as "the best person you could find. He was the captain of the team; he was the most popular kid in school; super athlete. He was like Jim Thorpe, and the war is what changed him. If you saw him before, he was like the perfect guy."

While there hasn't been any real news either way about another Rambo movie, fans did recently get an update about another Stallone-led franchise. Turns out, the actor will not be reprising his role in the latest Rocky spin-off, Creed 3. "It will be done, but I won't be in it," Stallone wrote in a reply to an Instagram comment. "Keep punching."

As for The Suicide Squad, the first official trailer for the movie was released in March and revealed that Stallone would be providing the voice for King Shark. Last year, Stallone revealed in another Instagram post that he was cast in a secret role for The Suicide Squad, and teased that the movie was a "spectacular effort." At the time, no one knew he was playing King Shark, but he still hyped up the film in the nicest way. "I saw it and it's unbelievable, so I'm very proud to be included," he wrote. "I can't tell you anything more about it because you're going to have to wait and see that, but it's going to be well worth the wait. Anyway, keep punching and see you in the movies."

The Suicide Squad is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6th.