The Daily Show Hilariously Trolls Disney+ Error Messages

Disney launched it's big streaming service today, and while the service offers a variety of film and television content, there have been some issues with the service's rollout. Fans have taken to social media to share their issues with logging into the service on desktop and mobile, which Disney says is just related to how much traffic is coming the service's way all at once. Fans have already taken to posting memes and comedic response to the issues, though The Daily Show with Trevor Noah wins for best responses, as they went the extra mile and added some hilarious but brutal graphics to the put-downs.

Noah took to social media to post some over the top response memes, adding the caption "Damn these error messages on Disney+ are pretty rough". He's not kidding either, as the first image features Pinocchio and Geppetto, though not in the way one would expect. Pinocchio is seen after a lie we're guessing, as his nose has essentially become a spear, a spear that has pierced Geppetto through the chest.

Yeah, it's dark, right?

The next one features Simba of Lion King fame, though his face is lifeless and his eyes have been crossed out as his head hangs as a hunting trophy on a wall somewhere. The text reads 'We are having a problem. Please exit the app and try again."

The last one features none other than The Little Mermaid Ariel, though she is facedown in the water, apparently after drowning. Making this worse is the little orange fish next to her, which is Nemo from Pixar's beloved film, and well, now we're just incredibly sad.

This was a gut punch Daily Show, and we're not doing well with it. You can check out all of the images above.

If you can log in to Disney+, you'll find a bevy of content at your fingertips, including a host of Disney Channel shows, Marvel Studios films, Star Wars films and new series The Mandalorian, Disney's classic animated films, and so much more.


Disney+ is live now.

How have you been enjoying Disney+? Have you had issues logging on? Let us know in the comments!