Vanguard Behind-the-Scenes Clip Looks at Jackie Chan's Impact

To mark the release of Jackie Chan’s Vanguard on digital platforms today, Lionsgate has released [...]

To mark the release of Jackie Chan's Vanguard on digital platforms today, Lionsgate has released a behind-the-scenes featurette about the making of the hit action movie which you can find exclusively below! In the clip, Chan can be seen working on the movie alongside his co-star Yang Yang, including a look at how the later handled an on-set injury, plus director Stanley Tong opening up about his time on set and his latest collaboration with the beloved martial arts icon (this film marking their ninth time working together). Vanguard is available on digital platforms today and will be released on DVD, blu-ray, and VOD on Tuesday, March 9th.

The official synopsis for the film reads: "International superstar and martial arts legend Jackie Chan leaps into action as Tang, CEO of the covert security company Vanguard in this gripping action-thriller. After wealthy businessman Qin rats out his corrupt partner in an arms deal gone fatally wrong, he and his family become targets of the world's deadliest mercenary organization — and the fighting power of Tang's team is their only hope to survive. Set in locations across the globe — including London, Zambia, India, an Arabian desert, and Dubai — Vanguard delivers electrifying thrills from start to breathtaking finish!"

"We filmed in 9 cities across 5 countries, London, Dubai, Zambia, India, and China. We've experienced so much during this production," Tong previously said in a statement on the film.. "Each time I work with Jackie, we are always trying to impress our audience with the best picture and idea. Especially this time, we put a lot of innovation in it. I hope the North American audiences enjoy it."

Speaking in the video above, Yang said of his experience: "Jackie taught me so much during the shoot. So many different skills, I learned so much while filming. This film is a completely new challenge for me. Fun, cool, so exciting."

Vanguard previously made headlines during the middle of production when it was revealed that Chan had almost drowned while filming one water-based stunt for the movie. Chan previously told CNA Lifestyle about the incident revealing he became trapped under a rock in a river and almost drowned. Chan said: "When I took a shower later that night and remembered the incident, I suddenly felt really scared and started shaking. I was thinking about how I could have so easily died."

Vanguard is available for viewing on digital platforms now!