Venom 3: Star Addresses Spider-Man Movie Pressure

Juno Temple isn't feeling extra pressure after Madame Web.

Venom: The Last Dance's Juno Temple knows that big franchise movies come with a ton of pressure. But, she's not concerned with any expectations being heaped upon the Sony spinoff movie. The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Temple recently to talk about what the actress has coming up. With Venom: The Last Dance being the next Sony Marvel film after Madame Web, there's a reasonable question of how well this movie will do. But, for Temple, none of that really concerns her. She's just doing a great job and hopefully people turn out to see it like the cast hopes. Yes, Sony's Spider-Man universe has been a little bit all over the place. But, the Venom films always seem to pull their weight when called upon. Check out what else the star had to say about her dance with Tom Hardy down below!

"I can honestly say that I'm not programmed to think about it like that. It's quite new for me to be a part of a movie of this size. I'm just hoping that I did the best job I could on a [movie] that was a really amazing thing to be involved in. I hope that whether the five people go to see it or whether 500 go see it, or more, I hope that they enjoy it and it takes them out of their everyday lives for a minute."


Juno Temple stars in Venom 3.

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Venom: The Last Dance Teases Fans 


Venom is back for one more ride.

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Venom: The Last Dance pairs Hardy with a wide cast of characters. Joining Temple are names like Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rhys Ifans, Clark Backo, Stephen Graham and fan-favorite Peggy Lu. In the director's chair for Venom's swan song is Kelly Marcel. The director gets a shot at directing a smashing finale for the little Marvel trilogy that could. You can say a lot of things about the Venom movies. But, in every case they've never underachieved. 

Call it 90s nostalgia or a testament to Tom Hardy, however, the fact remains that audiences will sit down and watch basically two hours of the franchise star argue with himself. (It's one of the many charms of these movies.) Here's what Marcel had to say about the leading man in an interview with Collider.

"Tom and I have had a long collaborative history with each other. We love each other and love working with each other. Both of us are passionate about the Venom franchise," Marcel told the outlet. "It's just really a joy for us to be able to get to do this third one together. I can't really tease you anything about it other than it's going to be amazing. Tom and I genuinely just have a blast with each other whenever we get to work together. There's a lot of laughing that happens." 

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