We Need This Godzilla Restaurant In The States

Fans all over the world love Godzilla, and it seems every fan should make at least one trek to Shinjuku for the amazing Godzilla restaurant.

YouTube user Tokyo BriBri decided to take fans on a tour of the celebratory restaurant, which features a number of posters from the franchise in the hallway leading into the restaurant. As Tokyo BriBri points out the restaurant is on Godzilla Road, which is called that because at the end of it is a massive construction of Godzilla.

He looms over Toho Cinemas, and the restaurant itself is actually located right behind the Godzilla statue's head in the Gracery Hotel. The inside of the restaurant is gorgeous and also houses another Godzilla statue in the cafe.

Outside is a plush seating area with Godzilla etchings all around. There's even a mechanism you can push that makes Godzilla roar, and the whole restaurant looks even better at night. The eyes light up and all the plants have white lights to create a stunning setup.

He roars at night as well, and you can see the flashing lights hit him after the sun sets. It gets even better though, as at random times Godzilla will attack, launching his atomic breath. Smoke billows as the powerful blast readies, with strobing blue lights illuminating it for people all around the plaza to see.


As you would expect there's plenty of Godzilla themed desserts, including one that features a chocolate Godzilla fighting off a decorative cake.

You can check out the slick restaurant for yourself in the video above.