X-Men: Apocalypse Is a "Disaster Movie" With an "Extinction Level Event," Says the Writer

X-Men Apocalypse Movie

X-Men: Days of Future Past 

sequel X-Men: Apocalypse is being described as a disaster movie by writer Simon Kinberg, who hints that Apocalypse's philosophy of hard-line mutant supremacy may entice some familiar characters to his cause. In a new interview with IGN (video embedded below), Kinberg compares the film to a Roland Emmerich-style disaster movie. "The thing that we've spent the most time talking about is not just the visual execution of the character, which is its own challenge -- creating a character that's the most powerful I think of any mutant villain that we've seen in the X-Men movies so far, more powerful than Magneto," Kinberg said. "The kind of scope and scale we're talking about is like disaster movie, extinction level event. Sort of Roland Emmerich-style moviemaking, which you've never seen in an X-Men movie, or any superhero movie, which I think is exciting." Of course, that's not unheard-of; movies like Man of Steel and The Avengers have been compared to disaster movies in the way that widespread urban destruction becomes a part of the language of the films. It will, though, be the first time that the comparably-intimate X-Men franchise has dabbled in that. "We've also been talking about how to give him a real emotional and philosophical underpinning," Kinberg continued. "So he's not just somebody who's out there destroying the world because he can. What he's doing is – in his mind – justified and validated by a real compelling, coherent philosophy. He tries to proselytize and convert people – maybe some of our most familiar characters – to come to his cause."