A Penguin Cosplay Judge Dredd Toy Exists


Forget The Penguins of Madagascar. This is flightless bird is the real law.

No sea lion would be foolish enough to cross this hybrid of Judge Dredd and, yes, a penguin. Sculpted by the mad geniuses at Blind Mouse Toys, this frozen enforcer clocks in a 11.5 cm tall and is made out of PVC. Don’t even think about trying to remove that helmet to see who’s under the visor. Not only is it non-removable, but Dredd Penguin would blast you to kingdom come for even trying. And while there is no higher law than the Judge, the statuette was designed by Daniel Balmforth and Steve Scholz, and painted by Joe Amaro. It’s perfect for that Dredd and Happy Feet double-feature you’ve been meaning to squeeze in this winter.


The statue will run you a cool $40, which you better pay in full. You wouldn’t the Judge to come after you. 



(Via Topless Robot.)