Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Yes Men Recap With Spoilers

The episode opens somewhere that is mostly desert. Lorelei and her first hypnotized victim, from [...]

Agents of SHIELD Yes Men

The episode opens somewhere that is mostly desert. Lorelei and her first hypnotized victim, from last week's final scene, drive into a biker bar. A biker asks Lorelei why she would marry a guy like that. Lorelei explains what she did and the biker offers his services to her. A motorcycle starts up and Lorelei asks what kind of "beast" it is. The biker, named Rooster, explains what it is and says that he and all his men – his biker gang – have one. Lorelei uses her power to conscript Rooster and his gang into her service, the physically hurls her old servant away. She demands Rooster introduce her to all of "her" men. Back on the bus, Skye wakes up and tries to get out of bed. Simmons stops her and reminds her of her delicate state. Simmons is still doing blood tests to keep an eye on her following the strange transfusion that saved her life. Ward shows up. Ward expresses how happy he is that Skye is alive. Skye says it was stupid to go inside alone. Ward reminds her that, because of her, S.H.I.E.L.D. now knows that Mike Peterson is alive. Skye think something happened to Petersen, but Ward blames Petersen for not protecting Skye. Skye is anxious to begin training again, to not be put in the same situation next time. Simmons meets Fritz in the lab. She notes that Skye is becoming suspicious of how much blood she's drawing. She regrets that no other samples of the drug remains and that she can't find any in Skye's system, somehow. Coulson has been stopping them from transferring their data to S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ. Coulson has a flashback to his surgery and meets with Agent Jasper Sitwell. Sitwell agrees to help Coulson find Nick Fury, but Sitwell reminds him that Fury is only found if he wants to be found. Back on the Bus, the team notes that Coulson has been gone on personal time for a couple of days. They are to be the welcome wagon for a visitor from Asgard. Cut to the team on the road, following energy signatures to meet the Asgardian. The rainbow bridge appears and then disappears, leaving an Asgardian marking in the ground and Lady Sif there with it. They recognize Sif as having fought alongside Thor in New Mexico (in Thor). She introduces herself and lets them know that their world is in danger. After the break, the team has brought Sif onto the Bus. Coulson is back, and tells May about seeing Sif fight in New Mexico, saying she was "pretty badass." May comments Coulson's frequent absences and lets him know that she's there for him. Sif sees Coulson and notes that Coulson should be dead by Loki's hand (The Avengers). She says that she'll tell Thor, who considers him a friend, that he is alive, but Coulson asks that he be the one to tell him. She begins to tell the team about Lorelei and her magic powers. Sif says Lorelei escaped when the Dark Elves invaded Asgard (Thor: The Dark World) and shows what they used to shackle her. Cut to Lorelei in the bar, confused by why she's being presented with paper instead of gold. She thinks Ben Franklin is a woman, and Rooster explains that he used to be President and rule the country (sure). She wants to rule the country and he tells her she would be the first woman to do so. Rooster's wife shows up furious that he hasn't been answering his phone. Lorelei is wearing Rooster's wife's clothes. The wife tries to take control of the situation, but Lorelei convinces Rooster to strangle his wife to death. Back on the Bus, Coulson questions Sif about blue aliens. She lists several, including Frost Giants and Kree, but says none have been to Earth recently. They find where Lorelei is at and surmise that she is trying to build an army. May and Ward go to the lab and meet Fitz to decide on weaponry. Ward mentions that Fitz lost an ounce on a familiar weapon. Coulson and Sif meet them there and they head out. They make it to the biker bar where the police are waiting. They begin asking the police for information, however the cops have already been turned by Lorelei and open fire on Coulson and his team. The team takes cover while Rooster and Lorelei look on from inside. Rooster mentions a "medieval times" lady outside and Lorelei realizes its Sif. Sif kicks a trailer forward to provide cover and they take out the cops. Sif goes inside and confronts Lorelei. Lorelei orders her men to attack Sif, but she easily shrugs them off. Ward moves in while Sif continues to beat on Rooster's crew. Ward runs into Rooster, who is wielding a chain. Ward takes him out easily. Lorelei shows up and Ward puts her at gun point. Lorelei refuses to stand down and takes Ward under her control. She commands him to take her someplace worthy of a queen, and they leave on a motorcycle. Sif and the crew go back to the bus. The collar used to imprison Lorelei was damaged in the fight, so Coulson asks Fitzsimmons to work on fixing it. Skye wants to help, so Coulson asks her to try to find Ward and Lorelei. Simmons approaches Coulson again and asks for outside resources to further research GH325. Coulson says no, and Simmons says that's not good enough. Coulson still refuses, saying he won't let the drug leave the Bus until he has some answers about it. Ward and Lorelei show up at Caesar's Palace. Ward tells Lorelei that he would die for her. He says that any man would, but Lorelei says he only wants him, that he has the rage of a berserker inside of him. She says she will give him a gift in return for his service, and they go to a hotel room where things get hot and heavy. Back from break, Lorelei is looking out the window. She is telling Ward about her past visits to Midgard and her time in shackles in an Asgardian prison. Ward says she won't have to go back, but she says Sif will continue to hunt her. Ward says they'll just have to take Sif out of the equation and Lorelei cautions him not to underestimate Sif. Ward says he may not know Sif, but he does know the people she is working with. May approaches Sif on the bus. Sif is sharpening her blade, and May gives it a swing. Sif says Lorelei is skilled in combat and May wonders why she then choses to fight through men. Sif says it likely gives her a thrill and that any conqueror needs an army. May tells Sif that Ward is one of their best. Sif says she has been in May's position, that someone she cared for was also put under Lorelei's spell. She tells May that Ward is not that man she once knew, that he won't hesitate to kill her. May says Ward won't kill her, not because he won't try, but he won't be capable. Coulson shows up and tells them they found Lorelei and Ward. They show up at Ward and Lorelei's room at Caesar's palace. The two are gone. They turn the room upside down, but there's no trace. Back on the bus, Fitz tells them that he fixed the collar. He brings Sif into the interrogation room to show her and then locks her inside. Sif pounds on the door. Coulson and May hear and they realize Ward and Lorelei must be on board. Simmons and Skye also realize they're locked inside Skye's medical chamber. Coulson finds Fitz and realizes he's already under Lorelei's control. Coulson plays along and Fitz thinks he's already under Lorelei's control as well and so lets him go. May finds Lorelei and they begin to fight. Ward opens the ceiling in the interrogation room and Sif is sucked outside, taking the collar with her. Ward enters the room with Lorelei and May. He points a gun at May and tells her to get out of Lorelei's way. May tries to talk sense into Ward. Lorelei kisses Ward. Lorelei lets may know that Ward told her who he desired before Lorelei, and it wasn't May. Coulson opens the door in the medical chamber and Simmons tries to hit him with a fire extinguisher, thinking he's under Lorelei's control. They think that Sif has been blown away, but Coulson reminds them that Sif is Asgardian and still hanging on outside. He tells them to let her back in. Lorelei goes to the interrogation room where Sif is waiting. Lorelei tries to convince Sif to let her stay behind. Lorelei mentions Sif's feelings for Thor and says Thor treats her more like a pet than a woman. The two begin to fight, splitting Sif's double-bladed sword. Fitz sees Simmons and alerts Ward to her presence. Fitz chasses after her, leading him to Coulson, who knocks Fitz out. May and Ward continue to fight, as do Sif and Lorelei. Sif finally pins Lorelei with her blade. Ward and May come to a stalemate, each at each other's gunpoint. Lorelei tempts Sif to deal the killing blow, but Sif refuses. Lorelei begins to taunt her about the man she entranced, but Sif stops her with the collar. Ward snaps out of it. Sif is saying her goodbyes. Coulson says it must be hard to show her mercy. Sif says it is Odin's order that Lorelei be brought back alive, and so Sif obeys. She says the warriors of Asgard have their code (of course, remember the end of Thor: The Dark World...). Coulson tries to check on how May is doing, but May turns it on Coulson, telling him he needs to share what he saw at the Guest House with someone, if not her then Skye. May goes to the cockpit where Ward is. He tries to apologize, but she's cold and says that they're done here, that he was more honest with Lorelei than with himself. Coulson goes down to the medical chamber and asks to be alone with Skye. He tells her about the drug that saved them both, tell her that its source is an alien. He says he tried to stop them from injecting her with it, but it was too late. He apologizes, but she says he was trying to save her life. He feels bad about the circumstances, but she doesn't care, she's alive. Coulson thinks she should be angrier, but Skye takes it in stride, saying this kind of thing is just where they live, but at least they're in it together. Coulson says not for long, that they're breaking code and breaking rank. He says he going to do whatever it takes to find about GH325 and the alien, but that they can't tell anyone else to keep them safe. Back from break, we see the scene of Coulson talking to Skye about the chemical again. We see a listening device, and May on the other side. She uses a secure line to contact somebody and tells them that Coulson knows.