An Animated Spider-Man Comedy From The Lego Movie Directors In Development At Sony

scarlet-spider-ultimate-spider-manEarlier tonight, was among the outlets reporting that Marvel Studios and Sony had been involved in negotiations aimed at bringing Spider-Man to Marvel in some capacity, while keeping the rights and creative control at Sony.

The talks, which also may have brought the character to Captain America: Civil War, seem to have stalled, which led to Sony examining a number of options as far as what they'll do with the ol' Webhead going forward.

One option: an animated feature film.

While Marvel currently has Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors on TV (they appear to own the TV rights outright, Sony the film rights), the leaked e-mails suggest that an animated comedy featuring Spider-Man and other characters from his universe may not be totally out of the question at Sony. The idea would be to have them produced by The Lego Movie's Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who of course are doing something similar with Lego Batman for Warner Bros.


While we noted this in passing in the previous article, a number of fans expressed shock that it wasn't elaborated on a bit more. Partially, this is simply because there isn't much more information to go on. 

Of course, there are some comedic options for Spidey; Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and Spider-Ham are among the ones that spring immediately to mind. Fans will have to wait to see whether this materializes at all, though, and if it does, what shape it takes.