Arrow: First Look at Diggle's Costume

Now in his fourth season as a key member of Team Arrow, John Diggle has finally gone where the fans have long demanded he go: he's suiting up.

The CW has provided with a first look at John Diggle's costume, which you can see above. As promised at Comic-Con, he isn't masked -- per se -- but instead wearing a helmet. Based on the concept art presented there, it seems likely he'll have a visor that can be put up or down depending on circumstances.

This should be handy in a new season where Diggle has been acting as the de facto head of Team Arrow in Oliver's absence, helping Black Canary and Speedy protect the streets of Star(ling) City.

Now, of course, will come the speculation as to whether he's meant to be Guardian, Gangbuster or another helmeted DC hero...!


Diggle's new look will debut in the premiere episode of Arrow on Wednesday, October 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.