Arrow Season 2 Finale: Stephen Amell Says It’s The Best Episode Of Television In 2014

Arrow Season 2 Finale Stephen Amell

During a Facebook Q&A earlier today, Arrow star Stephen Amell made a very bold claim. However, given how good Season 2 of Arrow has been so far, we wouldn't bet against his bold claim being 100% accurate. "With all honesty, the [Arrow] Season Finale I think is the best episode of television in 2014," said Amell. "Unbelievable!" While Amell didn't reveal any big spoilers for the Arrow Season 2 Finale, he did offer up a rather intriguing hint, during another part of the Q&A. When a fan asked Amell to sum up the Arrow Season 2 Finale in three words, Amell answered, "My three words to describe the season finale? Keep in mind we did this at Comic-Con. They asked us to use…I think it was one word actually to describe the Season Premiere, and I said, 'Trees.' So, Season Finale, three words, 'Wait, he's where?' So, it seems that Oliver might wind up in a rather unexpected place in the Season 2 Finale? Anyone have any guesses? Wayne Manor? The Hall of Justice? Central City?