Attack on Titan Anthology Featuring Slate of Comics Creators Announced at NYCC

(Photo: Kodansha/

As first reported by CBR, Kodansha Comics, the American publishing arm of the manga publishing company Kodansha, announced a new Attack on Titans anthology featuring stories written and drawn by a slate of well known comics creators. Batman writer Scott Snyder and Secret Six writer Gail Simone headline the anthology, which will be published in Fall 2016. Kodansha announced the anthology will run 250 pages in full color, with individual stories running between 5 and 20 pages. The anthology will have American comic book sized pages, as opposed to the smaller pages on which manga is traditionally printed.

Attack on Titan is the smash hit manga about the last vestiges of humanity protecting their walled city from an unrelenting swarm of mindless human eating giants known as Titans. The manga and subsequent anime series has gained popularity both in Japan and overseas, leading to numerous spin-offs and Attack on Titan themed projects, including a live action movie that had a limited release in America earlier this year.

The Attack on Titan anthology will feature stories set in the world of the manga, but not necessarily connected to the main storyline. In an interview with CBR, anthology co-editor Ben Applegate said that he didn't give any real guidelines or rules, which allowed the creators to submit a variety of stories ranging from serious to wacky humor.


In addition to Snyder and Simone, other creators involved with the anthology include Faith Erin Hicks, Michael Avon Oeming, Jeremy Lambert, Brenden Fletcher, Kate Leth, Ronald Wimberly, Cameron Stewart, Kevin Wada, and Genevieve Valentine.