Batman Vs. Superman: Adam West Wants To Play Ben Affleck’s Dad

Adam West 6

Back in September, reported on a petition to get sixties Batman TV star Adam West a role in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. Since our report, the petition has grown to over 6,800 signatures.

And if the petition actually persuades Warner Bros. to give Adam West a role, it appears that West already has an idea of who he wants to play. When asked about if he was going to be in Batman Vs. Superman by 13th Dimension, West said, “Can I tell you something? I keep hearing that I’m going to be (but) nobody’s contacted me.”

“They don’t understand that if I play Batman’s father, and one terrible evening, when Batman, Bruce Wayne himself — the young one — is desperate, and the thunder’s crashing, the lightning, I come in through the library window, which kind of springs open in the storm and I say, ‘Bruce, I’m your father. And at one time I was Batman. I want you to look in that volume over there.’ You know what I’m saying? People would stand up and cheer. But that’s just, you know, a cock-eyed idea of mine,” added West.

While we’re not sure on the whole coming through the window idea, the thought of Adam West having a cameo in Batman Vs. Superman would be a fun Easter Egg for Warner Bros. Marvel Studios has had great success with their Stan Lee cameos, and Adam West would have that same type of appeal to Batman fans.

Of course, as reported by, Stan Lee has also expressed his desire to have a cameo in Batman Vs. Superman, so why not have a dual cameo with Adam West & Stan Lee having coffee together or something. Fanboys would go crazy, and Marvel Studios would never be able to top it.