Bluewater Production Moves Into Audiobooks


Comics publisher Bluewater Productions is making the move into audiobooks, with its popular bio-comics  series Fame and Female Force kicking off a new product line for the publisher. In conjunction with Colonial Radio Theatre, Bluewater has created three audiobooks based off three pop culture subjects of their existing comics. Updated versions of the comic books have been written for the audiobook format by writer Michael Frizell. "The stories, and legends, behind the real people featured in Bluewater titles continue to grow. In order to keep the stories timely and current, the scripts had to be expanded. Longtime readers will find something new and up-to-the-minute here, while new readers will be immersed in the topics," said Frizell. Female Force: Princess DianaFame: One Direction and Fame: Justin Bieber will kick off the product line, with Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift audiobooks to be released later this summer. The Audio books cost $3.95 and are available through Audible, iTunes and Nook.