Breaking Bad Conspiracy Theory Suggests Finale Had A Secret Twist

The Breaking Bad Series Finale

Since you’re online and reading this article, I'm assuming you either saw or have heard what happened on the Breaking Bad finale. It’s really impossible to utilize any type of social media without finding out the ending. Just in case, though, be warned that I will be going into detailed spoilers around the finale. The title of this article is not a spoiler, because it’s just a theory that may or may not have any basis on what actually happened.

One of the things that people seemed to love about the Breaking Bad finale was that it wrapped up everything in a nice easy-to-follow package. In fact, many people praised the finale because it was so straightforward and didn’t dabble into dream explanations or having everyone turn out to be dead already. Everything progressed to a normal, real world conclusion that provided resolution for all the characters involved.

Except now there are some conspiracy theorists who think maybe it didn’t. What if most of the finale was actually a dream or hallucination of sorts? While I thought the finale was one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen, there was one thing that did give me pause. It did seem a little unrealistic how everything fell so perfectly into place for Walter White to wrap things up. He was a wanted man, but he seemed to be able to bypass security, police, and everyone else with ease. How come no one noticed him in the diner? How was he able to sneak into Skyler's house while it was under police surveillance? And most surprisingly, how was he able to build the automatic machine-gun trunk system and have it work so perfectly?

Well, one theory that could explain all these questions is that Walter White actually died in the car in the snow early in the episode. When Walter White saw the police cars behind him, he prayed, "Just get me home, I'll do the rest." After that moment, everything started to magically fall into place for him, starting with the keys to the car falling into his lap.

What if everything that happened after Walter closed his eyes to pray was basically Walter White’s fevered dream as he succumbed to cancer in the car? That is what comedian Norm MacDonald is suggesting happened. In a very interesting argument laid out on Twitter, Norm MacDonald writes, "He succumbs to his disease, reclining in his car seat, as the police approach, guns drawn."

One of MacDonald's strongest arguments revolves around the song El Paso, which I already noted in a previous article seemed to tie in perfectly with the episode. MacDonald writes, "He is in the car while El Paso, a song written from the perspective of a dead man plays. Later he hums the song as he makes his gun thing. The important thing to remember about the song El Paso was that the guy singing it was DEAD." MacDonald also points out that the ending of the song was a hallucination, which would tie in perfectly to if the ending of Breaking Bad was a hallucination.

Another good point that MacDonald makes is that the scene where Walter meets with Skyler one last time, MacDonald writes, "It's shot like he's a ghost. And then he says 'I WAS alive.'"


The one thing that goes strongly against the dream argument is that show creator Vince Gilligan said in the after show that it was not a dream. However, MacDonald has an explanation for that. MacDonald tweeted, “I'm being told Vince Gilligan said the finale was not a dream. I don't believe it was a dream, I believe it was the thoughts of a dying man."

So what do you think? Could the Breaking Bad finale have been a hallucination?