Captain America Returning With New Printing

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lives! Let the second printings begin! Less than a week after announcing that the Steve Rogers version of Captain America would be returning, Marvel Comics has announced that Captain America #600 will be returning with a second printing. In an unprecedented move, Marvel allowed many comic book stores to put Captain America #600 on sale on Monday, June 15, which was two days before the normal Wednesday for new comic book releases. The media publicity and the early release date appears to have paid off, as Captain America #600 sold out from the distributor almost immediately. In order to meet the demand for this special issue, Marvel will be releasing a second printing variant. David Gabriel, who is Marvel’s Senior Vice-President of Sales & Circulation said, “First and foremost, I'd like to thank all those retailers who made this amazing event possible by participating in this special advance release on Monday. Despite what might have been the largest overprint we've ever done for a book, copies sold out well before even the early on sale date. This is a great indicator for the excitement that we’re anticipating for Captain America Reborn. We’d also like to thank the fans and press for getting behind Captain America #600. Trust me, you’re in for a lot of fun and we’re glad to have you along for the ride!” Captain America #600 lays some of the groundwork for Steve Rogers eventual return, even though how exactly he returns is still a closely guarded secret. Captain America #600 shows how the Marvel Universe reacts to the one year anniversary of Captain America’s death. If you would like to get the scoop on the storyline, be sure to check out Nick Winstead’s review of Captain America #600. The Captain America #600 second printing variant is scheduled to be released in comic book stores on July 15, 2009. The variant cover will be by artist Butch Guice. Captain America Reborn #1 is scheduled to hit comic book stores on July 1, 2009.